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Christians & Suffering (logo)NEW INFO  12 MARCH 2019

After 40 lessons, the current Bible Study series, Christians & Suffering will soon come to an end — and we will then move on to a new topic for study.
This will usher in 2 changes in the emails:

  1. The emailing of the Daily Bible Verses will continue, but will be sent separately from the Bible Study. (The Daily Verses will also continue to be published on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.) As a result of this change, each day’s email will be much shorter, and reading through the 3, 4, or 5 verses each day will take less time and allow for greater reflection.
  2. The Additional Verses & Bible Study will continue, but will change to once a week — sent out on the weekend, and renamed simply the Weekly Bible Study. This coming weekend, there will be a special, one-lesson Study, written to coincide with the release of the film Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy. Lessons 39 and 40 (the last two) of Christians & Suffering will follow in the two successive weekends. This new schedule will give me time for more and better quality research devoted to each lesson. With God’s help, this will make them better at sharing the Good News of Christ and the Kingdom.

Both the Daily Bible Verses and the Weekly Bible Study will continue to be archived on the website of the Ronald L. Dart Evangelistic Association. (My sincerely thanks to Wesley White, who invited my writings into the RLDEA and who is leading the organization so effectively — and thanks to you, too, Nancy! — and to Carl Nachtrieb, who has done such a truly great job making these writings accessible on the RLDEA Website.)

In making this change, I have listened to the advice of two very dear friends. They are strong and faithful lovers of Our Lord, and both have much experience in writing and publishing about the Gospel. They very rightly pointed out the potential problems with the frequency and length of my Verses+Studies emails, and they encouragingly and lovingly made wonderful suggestions on how I might move forward.

Let me profusely thank Allison Cain and Tony Arnold for caring enough about me and my writings to want them to be the best they can be! You, dear Christian reader, will do well to seek out their works — to read, to learn, to worship, and to grow.

Allison Cain & Tony Arnold

Allison Cain is the author of seven books, including 30 Days in Zechariah.
Tony Arnold is the author of
Searching for Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions.
Both of them write in ways that warmly invite and encourage participation and engagement from their readers.
You will love them — the books and the authors — as I do!


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